*Note: Underlined name denotes Chair(s)

Annual and Mid-Winter Meeting:
This committee is tasked with organizing the events surrounding the Annual and Mid-Winter meetings. The Committee is responsible for selecting the location and dates for these events, providing support for the meetings and CLEs, and scheduling and organizing the social functions which surround them.

Susan Johnston, David Canvin, Cynthia Taylor, Jeff MacDonald, Melissa Trowsdale, Paula MacFadyen, Nicola Reynolds (CBA), Susan Robinson, Q.C. (Law Society), Lisa MacKay (Law Society)

Articling & Admissions/ Board of Examiners:
This committee, the membership of which includes the Bar Admission Course Coordinator, develops standards and procedures for the development of a potential member from the level of newly graduated law student until they are prepared for admission as full members of the Law Society. The Committee also acts as the Board of Examiners as necessary.

Yolande Murhpy, Sherry Gillis, Q.C., Ryan MacDonald, Karen Rose, Derek Bondt, Margaret Anne Walsh, Bridget Morriscey, Taylor Smiley, Hilary Newman, Nathan Beck

Continuing Legal Education:
In 2009, the CBA commenced delivery of the continuing legal education program in PEI. The committee is tasked with developing the subject-matter, either from its own sources or by the direction of Council, and organizing at least four CLE's during each year. The membership of this committee includes the Legal Education Coordinator and CBA Executive Director.

Isabelle Keeler Kerri Seward Carpenter, Kim McNeill, Q.C, Constance Robinson, Sophie MacDonald, Chris Montigny, Thomas Sutton, Lisa MacKay (Law Society), Nicola Reynolds (CBA)

Credentials Committee:
This Committee is populated by Past-Presidents of the Law Society and may be called upon to examine the character and fitness of applicants for admission to the Society in appropriate circumstances. 
Nancy Birt, Q.C., Don MacKenzie,Q.C.,  Bobbi-Jo Dow Baker, Jennifer MacPherson, Matthew Bradley

Discipline Committees: Established pursuant to the Regulations and comprised of six members and two public representatives one on each of two committees; each committee carries out investigations and formal hearings into complaints against members.

A : Sophie MacDonald, Thane MacEachern, Q.C., Hans Connor, Gordon MacFarlane, Joel Wonnacott, Ron MacLeod, Janet Coughlin-Cameron (public rep), Fred MacDonald (public rep)

B : Leslie Collins, Q.C., Lisa Goulden, Q.C., Lynn Murray, Q.C., Matthew MacFarlane, Bobbi-Jo Dow Baker, Aidan Sheridan, Don Desserud (public rep), Dr. Leith Thompson (public rep)

Substitute Members for Discipline and Members of Competency Review Panels
Scott MacKenzie, Q.C., Denise Doiron, Steve Dowling, Alex Dalton, Gary Demeulenaere, Q.C., Tom Jarmyn

Discipline Policies and Procedure:
Comprised of the Chairs of the two discipline committees, the Secretary Treasurer and other members familiar with the discipline process, this committee establishes policies and procedures to be used in the internal process for dealing with complaints against members. It makes recommendations to Council for changes to the statute and/or regulations as they pertain to the discipline process.


The Ethics Committee provides advice to members individually and as a group on issues of a general ethical nature and reviews the Law Society‘s Code of Professional Conduct and recommends any changes that the Committee feels necessary.

Shannon Farrell, Catherine Chaisson Q.C., Roy Ridlington, Jon Matters, Kerri A. Carpenter, Joel Wonnacott, Judy Burke, Q.C., Jennifer MacPherson

Health & Wellness:
Serena Smith, Caroline Davison, Molly Murphy, Clare Henderson, Zack Tweel, Susan Robinson, Q.C.


This committee provides advice to the Secretary-Treasurer, Council and members on matters relating to the insurance program of the Law Society. 

 Derek Key, Q.C., James Travers, Q.C., James Revell, John Brennan, Kevin Kiley, Melanie Young, Secretary-Treasurer

Law Foundation:
The purpose and composition of the board of the Law Foundation are found in Part VII of the Legal Profession Act.

The Foundation derives its revenues primarily from the interest on members’ trust accounts and has the power to establish and maintain a fund from the interest received and use the proceeds thereof for the purposes of:
(a) legal education, legal research or law reform;
(b) the editing and printing of decisions of the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Provincial Court of Prince Edward Island;
(c) the promotion of legal aid; and
(d) aiding in the establishing, operating and maintaining of law libraries in Prince Edward Island.

The Foundation is administered by a board of governors consisting of five members comprised as follows:
(a) the Minister of Justice and Public Safety or the Minister’s appointee; and
(b) four members of the society appointed by the Council.
 Gary Scales, Barbara Smith, Q.C., William Dow, Q.C, Paul Murphy, Jonah Clements (Minister of Justice appointee), Sheila Lund MacDonald [Staff]

This committee, with advisory assistance from the Legislative Counsel, is tasked with monitoring the legislation program of government and review any proposed statute or amendment that has ramifications for the legal profession and also monitor the procedures used to ensure that the laws of the province are readily available to the profession. Periodic reviews of the Legal Profession Act are also the responsibility of this committee.

Ewan Clark, Jonathan Greenan (Vice-Chair), Emily MacDonald, Pamela Large Moran, Richard Collier, Erin Mitchell, Filip Hrga, Jenny Mason 

Library, Court House:
The Library Committee is responsible for providing the best affordable tools for legal research to the members and the public in the courthouse locations in both Summerside and Charlottetown. The committee is also responsible for any physical aspects of the courthouses that are the responsibility of, or of concern to, the members of the Law Society.

Steven Forbes, Richard Collier, Jessica Gillis, Yolande Murphy, Alex Dalton, Paula MacFadyen, Erinn Moore, Pamela Borden (Law Librarian)

Nominating Committee:
Made up of the Past President, the President and a member selected by the membership at the annual meeting of the Society, this committee is responsible with putting forward to the annual meeting a slate of nominees for Council and for the officer positions with the Society. 

Robert MacGregor, Pamela Stewart, Bobbi-Jo Dow Baker

 Real Property:
This committee is responsible for making recommendations to Council regarding the mechanism and procedures employed in the province for the effecting and recording of various transactions involving real estate. They may be required to provide input on changes to the registry system at the request of government or Council and may recommend changes.

Geoff Connolly, Q.C., Horace Carver Q.C., Andrew Campbell, Perlene Morrison, Ryan MacDonald, Robin Aitken, Dave Canvin, Danny Tweel, Brandon Forbes, Sean Corcoran, James Profit

The committee decides on the recipients of the annual Law Society scholarship(s) and makes recommendations to Council for changes to the program. 

 Nicole McKenna, Ken Lecky, Jill Toombs, Hilary Newman, Susan Connolly, Lindsay McLellan, Jonah Clements

Unauthorized Practice:
Dealing with reports of unauthorized practice referred to them from a variety of sources, the committee makes recommendations for legal or other actions to deal with unauthorized practice issues

Gary Demeulenaere, Peter Ghiz, Kathleen Loo Craig, Matthew Walters, Carla Kelly, Isaac Quinn, Jacqueline O'Keefe, Denise Doiron

Members of the Law Society appointed to sit as Representatives of the Law Society on other committees or organizations

Bench and Bar Committee:
President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Janet Clark, Melanie McKenna

Call to Action Committee:
Don MacKenzie, Patricia Cheverie, Q.C., Pamela Large-Moran, Robert McGregor, Lori St. Onge

Government Relations:
President, Vice-President, Past President, Secretary-Treasurer, Erin Mitchell, Gary Demeulenaere, Clare Henderson

Community Legal Information:
Paul Bender

Federation of Law Societies:
President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Don MacKenzie, Q.C., (year 3 of 3 year appointment)

Judicial Appointments Provincial Court:

Advisory Committee on Federal Judicial Appointments:
Perlene Morrison

Lands Protection Act:
Geoff Connolly, Q.C., J. Kenneth Clark, Q.C., Andrew Campbell

Queens Counsel Recommendations:
President, 1 representative from each of Supreme Court, Provincial Court, and Attorney General's Office, Daphne Dumont, Q.C.

Rules Committee:
Voting Members*–  Murray Murphy, Q.C., Robin Aitken (*year 3 of 3 year appointment), Pamela Stewart (*year 1 of 3 year appointment)  Non-Voting Members – Jonathan Coady, John Brennan, Jessica Gillis

Victims' Services:
Jenny Mason