Honours & Awards


The honourary title "Q.C." (Queen's Counsel) is conferred upon experienced lawyers in recognition of their commitment to the principles of the legal profession and contributions to their communities. The criteria for these appointments are:

a) he or she must be learned in the law;
b) he or she must have consistently exhibited a high standard of professional integrity;
c) he or she must be of very good character.

In addition to these three overriding criteria, appropriate candidates must qualify with respect to one of the following six criteria:

a) he or she must have a reputation for excellence in the practice of law;
b) he or she must be recognized as a leading counsel;
c) he or she must have great expertise and an outstanding reputation;
d) he or she must have exhibited exceptional qualities of leadership in the legal profession;
e) he or she must have performed outstanding work in the fields of legal education or legal scholarship; or
f) he or she must have made a great contribution to community affairs or public service.

Generally, all appointments should be lawyers who have a minimum of 10 years at the Bar.

Appointments are recommended each fall by a committee consisting of the President of the Law Society, a member appointed by Council, one person appointed by the Attorney General, a justice of the Supreme Court, and a judge of the Provincial Court.
This designation has a long and historic tradition on Prince Edward Island. Appointments are made by the provincial government in December each year.

Past Appointments

  • Gary Demeulenaere
  • Sophie MacDonald
  • Jonathan M. Coady
  • Janice L. MacCallum
  • Donald K. MacKenzie
  • Ronald J. Keefe
  • Thomas P. Laughlin
  • John W. Maynard
  • P. Alanna Taylor
  • Catherine Chaisson
  • Lisa Goulden
  • Krista J. MacKay
  • Patsy G. MacLean
  • Leslie A. Collins
  • Geoffrey D. Connolly
  • Cyndria L. Wedge
  • Michele Dorsey
  • Nancy E. Birt
  • Loretta Coady MacAulay
  • Murray L. Murphy
  • D. Spencer Campbell
  • Brian J. McKenna
  • Valerie A. Moore
  • Pamela J. Williams
  • Tracey L. Clements
  • Sherry E. Gillis
  • Kim M. McNeill
  • Kathleen Loo Craig
  • E.W. Scott Dickieson
  • Susan M. Robinson
  • Sean J. Casey
  • Thane A. MacEachern
  • Terri A. MacPherson
  • Gregory A. Cann
  • William F. Dow
  • Brenda J. Picard
  • Barbara E. Smith
  • Patricia L. Cheverie
  • James W. Gormley
  • Mary-Lynn Kane
  • John A. McMillan

In early 2007, Derek D. Key, Q.C. & Nancy L. Key, Q.C. (now Madam Justice Key) established the “Distinguished Community Service Award” to honour, recognize and celebrate the valuable contribution members have made to various community organizations at the local, provincial or national level, as well as to showcase the vast spectrum of voluntary services that members provide to the community at large.

The award is open to any member in good standing with the Law Society of Prince Edward Island.

The qualifications to receive the “Distinguished Community Service Award” include, but are not restricted to:

The Award will be presented in June at the Law Society’s annual formal dinner in conjunction with the AGM. In addition, Mr. & Mrs. Key will donate $2500 to the award recipient’s charity of choice.

Nomination Procedure:
A Nomination Form, accompanied by a letter of support stating the reasons for the candidate’s nomination must be submitted to the Selection Committee, normally by May 31.

Distinguished Community Service Award Form.pdf

Selection Process:
The Award is administered by a Selection Committee, an ad hoc committee appointed annually by the Law Society of Prince Edward Island.

Past Recipients:
Daphne E. Dumont, Q.C.
John R. Diamond, Q.C.
Ronald J. Profit, Q.C.
Catherine Chaisson
E. W. Scott Dickieson, Q.C.
Brenda Picard, Q.C.
Linda Gaudet
James Travers, Q.C.
Derek Key, Q.C.
Gordon MacKay, Q.C.
James Macnutt, Q.C.
Brian McKenna, Q.C.
John Carr, Q.C.

Each year the Law Society and Law Foundation jointly give three $2,000 scholarships to law students. The Scholarship Committee of the Law Society reviews submissions and selects recipients based on established criteria. Previous scholarship recipients are:

  • Avery Judson
  • Julia O'Hanley
  • David Chukwuka
  • David C. Chukwuka
  • Julia O'Hanley
  • Sabryna Shaw
  • Caitlin Gallant
  • Sydney Gallant
  • Cullen Mullally
  • Maggie Grimmer
  • Gregory Landry
  • Lucas MacArthur
  • Maggie Grimmer
  • Gregory Landry
  • Iain McCarvill
  • Melanie McKenna
  • Taylor Smiley
  • Morgan Watts
  • Isabelle Keeler
  • Geoffrey Kowalski
  • Killian McParland
  • Parker Baglole
  • Killian McParland
  • Lindsay Silliker
  • Donald Cameron
  • Jessica Gillis
  • Will Horne
  • Samantha Allen
  • Michael Dunn
  • Ryan J. Hickey
  • Jonah Clements
  • Benjamin R. Howard
  • Kenneth Lecky
  • Michael Keliher
  • Kenneth Lecky
  • Elizabeth Shaw